Toyota Starter Kill Switch Kit

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Product Overview

This is a complete starter kill switch kit for the 93-97 80 Series Land Cruisers. 

This kit includes everything needed to install a starter kill switch WITHOUT cutting any wires. Once installed you will have the ability to disable the starter by the simple flip of a switch. The kit requires connecting our kit, mounting the relay, and using the included fuse tap for a switched power source. After that, just mount the switch at your favorite hidden location. We also give enough length in the switch wiring that you can mount the switch just about anywhere within reach of the driver.⁠

⁠This kit is built using a waterproof relay, marine tinned wiring, adhesive lined heatshrink and PET covering.  

**Please note** the included switch is a very basic on/off push button switch.  You can easily wire to any dash switch, etc and the details on how to do that will be included in the instructions.


Installation instructions will be emailed to you following shipment.


We suspect this will work on a myriad of Toyota's but have yet to confirm that. It does work perfectly in the FZJ80's.⁠


(No reviews yet) Write a Review