1994-1997 Land Cruiser Add-a-Fuse Block Kit - with options

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Product Overview

Depending on your selections during purchase, this kit can provide all the wiring and parts to add a fuse block to the interior of the 1993-1997 80 Series Toyota Land Cruiser. Typically, no drilling is required.

This kit will allow you to use the existing ABS braking module brackets inside the drivers side kick panel for secure mounting of the new fuse block. No drilling required to mount the fuse block.

Choices include:

  • 100amp Bussman circuit breaker or BlueSea 100amp MRBF fuse and mount
  • Your choice of a six or twelve circuit BlueSea ATC fuse block
  • Custom ABS fuse block mounting panel.  The panel is pre-drilled for fuse block mounting.  All you need is a phillips screwdriver.
  • 4AWG marine grade tinned cable with marine terminal lugs for main battery to fuse block connection.

No drilling required if you choose to use the MRBF fuse to protect the main battery.  If you choose the circuit breaker, you will be drilling holes in the back of the battery try to mount it.

Stainless mounting hardware included 

Installation instructions included


BlueSea fuse block details -

Positive distribution bus with #10-32 stud
Can be used for 24-hour circuits
Cover satisfies ABYC/USCG requirements for insulation, incorporates an easy to open push button latch providing easy access to fuses, storage for two spare fuses, and label recesses that accept Blue Sea Systems" Small Format Labels for circuit identification
Fuse blocks with covers include 20 write-on circuit labels
Tin-plated copper buses and fuse clips
Accepts ring or snap fork type terminals
Accepts ATO® and ATC® fast acting blade fuses
Fuses sold separately


(No reviews yet) Write a Review